King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) aspires to be a destination for scientific and technological education and research. By inspiring discoveries to address global challenges, we strive to serve as a beacon of knowledge.

Part of KAUST's mission is to advance science and technology through distinctive and collaborative research.

The University has recognized that there is a potential to improve how radiological challenges are addressed through the enhancement of a strong radiation protection safety culture in all sectors, including the educational, research, and medical sectors. Therefore, KAUST is organizing this year the first meeting for radiation protection specialists in cooperation with the Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Commission (NRRC) to achieve a set of main objectives as follows:

  • To learn about the primary role played by the NRRC and its legislative functions.
  • To spread awareness of safety culture and emphasize concepts related to applying safety standards to protect people and the environment.
  • To comply with radiation protection standards and good practices.
  • To exchange experiences, consultations, and information related to radiation protection.
  • To enhance the level of performance, qualification, and training of radiation protection officials.
  • To discuss and offer solutions to various obstacles and problems and benefit from local and international experiences.

The first meeting on Radiation Protection and Safety in Research, Industry, and Medicine will take place on April 1, 2021 virtually.

We hope you can join us at this event.